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From Jamaica to Cuba to Florida

Rum is in our Heritage...
it's in our Roots

Rude Bwoy Spirits
Rude Bwoy Spirits

Our Jamaican Heritage

Our story begins on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, in the West Indies, back in the 1800’s with the Wright family.  The Wrights were living on the south side of the island in the parish of St. Elizabeth in a town named after the family.  At the time, Wright Town stretched from the hills of Spur Tree to the beaches of Treasure Beach and Newell,  just above the sea.

The Wrights worked for themselves, known to be serial entrepreneurs and great businessmen selling cattle and goods to the local markets.  The family worked in the fields, herding cattle, growing peanuts, onions, melons and scallion.

However it was in the 1740’s that the British made Jamaica into the worlds main sugar producers.  Since then, Jamaican history has been filled with stories of large sugar plantations, giant homes with slaves working long hours in the sugar cane fields cutting and stripping cane to make Rum.  Back then, the Plantations ran the show… however down south, the Wrights were humbly farming away…   It was here that the ideas to start producing rum formed.

The Wrights were humble people and did not have huge plantation homes and were not owners of slaves…  they worked for themselves.  When opportunities for work came to Jamaicans to help the building of Cuba’s rail roads some of the elder Wrights headed off to Cuba taking the opportunity.




The Cuba Connection

Cuban Rum is made from molasses, a byproduct of sugar refining.  After the molasses is refined, the process moves towards distillation where “aguadiente” is made, a liquid alcohol between 29% and 60% alcohol by volume (ABV).   Moreover, the Wrights that went to Cuba tried hard to stay in connection with their Jamaican family however back then communication was very thin.  Over time, the family spread out, some going to other countries such as England, and Costa Rica and to America.  It wasn’t for over a century later that Cuba’s revolution was the forefront of the world… bringing Rum right along with it. 

Jamaica and Cuba have since remained in many ways connected.  In the early 1970’s when diplomatic ties were strong, Cuba sent doctors, nurses, teachers and engineers to Jamaica in offer to better the country.  So, the Wright family also sent back something from Cuba to Jamaica…  the love for high quality rum!


Rude Bwoy Spirits
Rude Bwoy Spirits
best Coconut Rum
best Coconut Rum

Enter... Florida...

As we jump forward we come to a set of Wrights who settled in the US, in Tampa Florida.  Being that Jamaica is a quick flight away and South Florida is a major hub for Jamaicans and Latin countries. Moreover, the family connections were just as strong as back in the day. Furthermore, the love for great rum is just as strong.

The entrepreneurial spirit that had been instilled in the genes of the family has sprung and found it’s way into two cousins who decided it was time to bring the world great rum.  Having lived thru the roots reggae days of the 80’s and the Dancehall days in Jamaica of the 1990’s, the Rude Bwoy spirit bubbled into fruition and over the course of time the brand was born.  Rude Bwoy Spirits started in Tampa at a small distillery and over the next four years, the tastes and notes were (as they would say in Jamaica) “twisted and bent up” thru trial and error until the taste of the “Old Days” was in every drop.
Enter the 2019….
It was time… time for the world to see that Rude Bwoy Spirits was here and it was time for the brand to be taken nationally.  From this need to bring the world the best Coconut Rum, and specialized Sugar Cane Vodka, as well as the Smoothest White and Gold Rum’s, Island in a Bottle, LLC was created and operates as the brands management, sales and marketing arm.